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What Is Orthodontics

Orthodontics is a specialty of dentistry which aims to produce an ideal alignment of the teeth, lips and jaws within the face to optimise function and the facial/smile aesthetics.

Among our many specialities, Newpark Clinic is primarily a Specialist Orthodontic practice; meaning we focus specifically on straightening teeth. While dentistry focuses on general treatment like fillings, veneers and exams, Orthodontics focuses on the teeth, jaw and facial alignments. We offer a full variety of braces including the revolutionary Invisalign clear braces, regular metal braces, ceramic or white braces and more!

Benefits Of Orthodontics

  • Increased confidence
  • Better long term health of teeth and gums
  • Teeth become less prone to decay and injury
  • Facilitates good oral hygiene habits

Orthodontics At Any Age


The Orthodontic Society of Ireland recommends to bring a child for their first orthodontic assessment at age 7. Although, most children do not need treatment at this age, some may benefit from early treatment because it greatly maximises what can be achieved. Most popular braces for children are our traditional metal braces.

What to look for in children's teeth:

  • Very early or very late loss of baby teeth
  • Missing or extra teeth
  • A baby tooth which does not fall out despite the fact that its permanent tooth has come through the gum
  • Difficulty closing teeth together comfortably (the upper and lower teeth do not touch in the front when your child bites together)
  • Any of the orthodontic issues listed on the American Association of Orthodontists’ website

Teenagers are the most common age group receiving orthodontic treatment at our practice. For teenagers who wish to correct their smile without anyone noticing, we are happy to offer brace treatments that are less noticeable to the eye! Our Invisalign Teen braces gradually and discreetly moves teeth through sets of clear braces. Also, our ceramic braces are tooth coloured/white in appearance, blending into the teeth's natural colour.


Almost 50% of our patients are adults! Often, adults report that they have had a course of braces as a teenager and they now notice their teeth gradually moving back towards their original position. We are happy to see patients after they have already completed brace treatment or starting treatment for the first time. Adults who come to our clinic often prefer Invisalign clear braces, since they are the most discreet brace.

Learn more about problems to watch for in adult teeth.

Special Occasions

Whether it may be your wedding, debs, college ball, birthday or graduation we understand your desire to have a radiant smile both in person and in pictures! We will work with you the best we can before your big day to achieve a great smile.


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New Patients and Consultation

Each treatment begins with a thorough consultation, where you will meet Dr O’Donnell and our team to determine and discuss the orthodontic options appropriate for you. Your initial consultation will be relaxed and also informative. Dr. O’Donnell will provide and in-depth examination of your teeth and discuss with you:

  • The reason why treatment may be needed
  • The type of brace treatment/s best suited to you and details of the brace/s
  • The length of your treatment
  • The best time to start treatment
  • The expected appearance of your teeth when completed
  • The cost of treatment and payment plans
  • Any other questions/concerns you may have 

Following your consultation you will be able to start your braces treatment based on what was determined and discussed with you.

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Payment Plans and Fees

The cost of orthodontic treatment will depend on many factors, including the complexity of the problem and the length of treatment. You will be given a detailed quotation and explanation of the treatment fees and a breakdown of our available payment options at your consultation.

  • Consultation: we are offering complimentary consultations this month!
  • Payment Plans: we offer interest-free, flexible payment plans that can extend over the period of brace treatment following an initial down-payment. Plans like monthly installments, payments at each visit, standing orders, etc. are available. Alternatively, if you decide to make the full payment at the beginning of treatment, we will give you a 5% discount. All our treatments are eligible for up to 20% Med II tax refund. We also offer immediate family discounts. 
  • Orthodontic Treatment: the cost of orthodontic treatment varies greatly depending on each individual. It can begin from €200 for localised problems and increases for complex treatments. Most brace treatments are within €3,000 to €5,000 range. 

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