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Snoring and Sleep Apnoea Treatments

Do you suffer from problematic/loud snoring or sleep apnoea (gasping/choking) at night? Dr. Máirlín O’Donnell is highly trained in sleep apnoea and snoring dental solutions to assess your symptoms and recommend the best treatment for you. All of our devices are worn at night and ensure that the lower jaw and tongue are held forward throughout sleep, therefore increasing the throat’s airway and decreasing any vibrations caused by snoring and mild sleep apnoea. We offer a variety of solutions:

Damon Splint

Our Damon Splint is a light weight, custom device that is made out of a durable plastic polymer in our onsite laboratory by our skilled lab technicians. It can also work as a retainer after orthodontic treatment (to hold the new position of the teeth).

Resmed Narval CC

One of the lightest oral appliances available, Narval CC is designed to be discreet, comfortable and effective. Crafted in an offsite laboratory from a lightweight, flexible and metal-free biocompatible material, the specially designed device allows you the freedom and flexibility to talk, drink, and sleep at ease.


Somnomed customised devices are made in an offsite facility, using the highest quality acrylic which does not discolor or attract odours. It is discreet, soft, silent and contains a micro-recorder that objectively records compliance data to further improve sleep experience.


The popular Somnowell device is a tailor-made, slim and comfortable device made from medical super alloy that provides a lifetime solution to snoring and mild-moderate sleep apnea. This range of treatment is created in an off-site laboratory based on your specific measurements.

At Home Sleep Test Kit

Are you unsure if you have sleep apnoea or are you unaware of the severity of your symptoms? We offer an overnight, home sleep study kit that records your sleep experience and is then assessed by a certified sleep respirologist. The assessment report is very detailed and can objectively re-assure you whether your sleep symptoms require treatment.

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