Clear Ceramic Braces

Ceramic braces are similar to metal braces, but they use clear or tooth-coloured brackets rather than silver brackets and wires. Many people choose ceramic braces because they are less noticeable on your teeth than metal braces. This can be a huge advantage if you are considering braces and don’t want to feel self-conscious about wearing them.

What Orthodontic Problems Can Be Fixed with Clear Ceramic Braces?

This type of Braces can be used to treat all of the same orthodontic problems as traditional metal braces.

What Are the Advantages of Clear Ceramic Braces?

The benefits of choosing clear ceramic braces are that the braces will be working continuously to straighten teeth, and there are no aligners to change. The use of invisible brackets ensures this treatment is discreet yet very precise, and can be the best way to get the most perfectly straight smile.

What Are the Disadvantages Of Clear Ceramic Braces?

This type of Braces are slightly more expensive than metal braces, due to the variation in materials.They may cause gum sensitivity because ceramic brackets are larger than metal brackets. This can make it harder to clean around your brackets, leading to swollen or receding gums if your toothbrush doesn’t reach the enamel and gum line. Clear Ceramic Braces are slightly less durable than metal and are more than twice as likely to break off or fracture. They move teeth slower than metal, because they are more fragile, having to repair broken brackets or make incremental adjustments at each appointment can delay the straightening process. The elastic ties holding the wire to the brackets and the ceramic brackets can stain easily and remain stained until they’re replaced.

Do Clear Ceramic Braces Hurt?

The actual fitting off the braces will not hurt at all but you may experience some discomfort and even slight toothache for the first few days after they’ve been fitted. Your teeth may feel quite loose and tender as they begin to move into new positions. This discomfort should be easily treated with over-the-counter painkillers, although you may want to eat a soft diet for a few days after fitting. Sometimes parts of the brace can rub on the inside of your lips or cheeks and may require cushioning with orthodontic wax.

How Long Will Treatment Take?

The exact length of treatment time will vary according to extent of each persons orthodontic issues. Most people will need to wear clear ceramic braces for at least a year and possibly much longer. Some people will need to wear this type of braces for up to three years.

What about Eating, Drinking and Cleaning My Teeth?

It’s important to brush after every meal and to make sure you change your toothbrush regularly. You’ll need to use interdental brushes or floss to clean in between the parts of the ceramic brace, our orthodontist and hygienist can help you create a proper cleaning regime. Attending your regular family dentist for routine check ups and cleanings is very important throughout your time in braces.

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