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Retainers For Braces are necessary once the braces come off. You are free to enjoy your new smile, but some people neglect the final stage of orthodontic treatment which involves wearing a retainer. Wearing a retainer is probably the most important step in orthodontic treatment and is the only way your smile stays beautiful and straight for life.

Teeth do have a tendency to drift back to their original state after orthodontist treatment (orthodontic relapse). Fortunately, fixed or removable retainers can be worn to keep your smile and straight teeth in place. Retainers must be monitored with Dr. O’Donnell to ensure they are adequately intact and suitable for your teeth as you age.

The main benefits of wearing your retainer
  • Protect your smile – You invested time, care, and money in your new smile, so now it’s time to protect it. Teenagers who don’t wear their retainers frequently have to come back for re-treatment.
  • Spotless teeth – Crowding can return without a retainer which allows plaque and bacteria to more easily build up. Not only does a straight smile look great, it also helps keep cavities and tooth decay at bay.
What are my options for my retainer?
Fixed Retainers

A fixed retainer is a discreet, thin wire bonded to the back of your front teeth. It’s a permanent, low-maintenance option. You’ll be able to brush and floss your teeth as usual — make sure to clean around the retainer with floss or an interdental brush

Removable Retainers

These are clear removable aligners custom-made to fit your teeth exactly. You won’t have to wear the retainer all the time, but how often depends on your individual case. Some patients wear them overnight, or for just part of the day. Removable retainers need gentle cleaning with a toothbrush and water. You’ll also be given cleaning tablets to keep them sparkling.

Retainers FAQ’s

What’s best — fixed or removable retainers?

Dr. O’Donnell will advise you on which retainer will suit you best.

Why does my retainer feel tight?

This is a sign your teeth are moving and you need to wear the retainer more often. Please get in touch for advice.

What happens if I lose my removable retainer?

Please contact us straight away for a replacement.

Could I have a spare removable retainer?

Yes, we’ll happily make a spare retainer for you.

How much does a retainer cost?

Our retainers start from €80 each.

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