How much will my treatment cost?

Cost will vary depending on the orthodontic treatment you need. The complexity of your case, the estimated treatment time and the type of brace that you choose all affect the treatment fee.

Minor corrections to your front teeth may be quite a short treatment for example front teeth that are spaced can be brought closer together, sometimes in a short number of months, while other patients may require significant work up to two years or more in duration.

When you come for your first consultation, all aspects of your treatment options will be explained and we will provide you with a detailed written quotation for your recommended treatment. The orthodontic costs listed below are as a guideline only, based on average complexity. Your particular needs may vary, however, so we will discuss and explain all costs with you on your initial consultation visit.

Payment plans from as little as €50 per week available

Type of Braces



Removable Expander & Functional Braces

7 - 10 Years Old

10 - 12 Years Old

From €600

From €650 - €2000

Fixed Braces

8 - 10 Years Old



From €950

€2,500 - €5,000

€3000 - €7000

Invisible Invisalign Braces

8 - 10 Years Old



€1,500 - €4,000

€3,000 - €6,000

€3,000 - €6,500

Payment Plans at Newpark Clinic

We offer a range of flexible interest free payment plans to suit different budgets. Our interest-free payment options allow you to spread out the total cost of treatment, usually over 12 to 24 months. Have a chat with us and see how we can help break down the cost of your treatment.

  • Currently 20% tax relief is available on all our orthodontic treatment fees, we provide you with a MED II form for your accountant.
  • If full payment is made at the onset of treatment, we are able to offer a bookkeeping fee discount.
  • We have family discounts and refer a friend treatment fee reductions
  • For your convenience, we accept payment by bank transfers, credit and debit Visa and Mastercard, cheque and cash.

Orthodontic treatment is certainly a lifetime investment worth making. Why not book a consultation today to find out if you could benefit from treatment?

Tax Relief For Braces

Tax Relief for braces is available on most Orthodontic treatments. We believe that Orthodontic treatment is certainly a lifetime investment worth making, but also appreciate that in the short term can be a sizeable investment of both time and money. The good news is that specialist orthodontics qualifies for tax relief at 20% on the cost of treatment, similar to other medical expenses.
If you're thinking of getting braces, book an appointment with our friendly team today.
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