Tax Relief For Braces

Tax Relief for braces is available on most Orthodontic treatments.  We believe that Orthodontic treatment is certainly a lifetime investment worth making, but also appreciate that in the short term can be a sizeable investment of both time and money.

The good news is that specialist orthodontics qualifies for tax relief at 20% on the cost of treatment, similar to other medical expenses.

Please find below a summary of the important points, to help you claim this valuable tax relief.
  • You can claim tax relief on any orthodontic treatment you have paid for, whether it is your own treatment of treatment for someone else. (your child or spouse)
  • Relief is at the standard rate of tax (20%).
  • You should make your claim at the end of each year (however, you can claim tax relief on any eligible expenses dating back 4 years)
How to make your claim
  • Ask the practice for a Med 2 form which will confirm the payments made and will be signed by our Orthodontist.
  • You do not need to submit your Med 2 form or receipts to Revenue but you must ensure that you hold them for a period of 6 years as you may be asked to present them at any stage during this period.
  • Dental work required as part of your treatment does not qualify as eligible expenses and cannot be included in your claim for tax relief.

Please find more information on the Revenue website or the Citizens Information website.

We routinely make sure our patients are aware of this tax relief for orthodontic treatment, and our team are happy to help you to claim it. A simple example for a treatment costing €5,000, you could receive a refund of €1,000 depending on your personal circumstances.
If you're thinking of getting braces, book an appointment with our friendly team today.
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