Invisible Braces also known as Invisalign

Fortunately, modern advances in technology,  polymers and 3-D printing have allowed  invisible braces become the new and comfortable way to align teeth.  Talk to us today regarding the advantages of having your invisible braces with us. These are unlike the conventional fixed train track braces that generally cannot be removed until the treatment period ends.

Invisalign is a series of aligners or clear plastic trays, that slowly move your teeth into correct position. Every week or so you change to a new set of trays to continue the alignment process until perfectly straight teeth are achieved. 

Invisible braces are easy to use and simple to remove. Their benefits over regular braces is the ability to remove them for social events and you don’t suffer from wire pokes. Then when they are removed, it is simple to perform routine oral hygiene measures such as tooth-brushing and flossing

However, because Invisalign aligners are removable, you must practice self-discipline!  In order to achieve fast results, it is recommended they are worn continuously and only removed to eat and drink. The goal is 22 hours of wear per day to get to the end of your treatment as efficiently as possible.

The trays are comfortable and barely noticeable, making them a superior and very popular choice. Invisalign when correctly designed is proven to be just as effective as braces. With every aligner that you progress to, your teeth will move closer towards your perfect smile!

Length of Treatment?

Treatment generally takes between 6 to 24 months to complete depending on the complexity of your bite and the number of hours you wear the aligners each day.

To ensure you optimise your Invisalign treatment plan , you should wear your aligners for at least 22 hours every day. We recommend ideally only taking them out to eat, drink (with the exception of still water) and then brush/floss before replacing them.

You will experience temporary tightness during the first few days of wearing Invisalign and sometimes with a new aligner. However, the initial pressure will disappear as your teeth adjust to their new position. Keeping them in your mouth as much as possible maintains the pressures as low as possible. Frequent removal will inevitably affect their fit and effects on speech and will prolong your treatment duration.

Motivation with aligner braces and seeing results in weeks!

As patients remove the aligners for tooth brushing and social occasions, they clearly see and can admire the improvements in their smile. Fixed brace patients by comparison need to patiently wait for brace removal. Before they clearly see the benefits of their orthodontic treatment and become accustomed to their new look!

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Care of your aligners

It is essential always to ensure your aligners are clean and hygienic before putting them back into your mouth. So, don’t forget to brush your teeth and aligners after every snack or meal before replacing your Invisalign aligners.

Also, hot water cannot be used to clean the aligners because it could melt or permanently warp the plastic. Because they are designed to be worn for a week or a little more, it is ok to use toothpaste whilst cleaning them.

For regular retainers however, ( once your treatment is complete), we advise against toothpaste as over a long period of time, as this can weaken the retainers and make them easier to crack/break.

Have you been told that Invisalign is not suitable for you?

If you would like straight teeth and a beautiful smile but you’re not keen on wearing traditional fixed metal braces, then call us and we can help create invisible clear Invisalign braces for you.

Here at Newpark Clinic, Dr Máirlín O’Donnell has achieved great results for hundreds of patients who were told by others that Invisalign would not work for them.  The treatment success of Invisalign is directly related to the expertise, experience and attention to detail of the Orthodontist that you attend. In the right hands, Invisalign can treat a very wide range of orthodontic problems.

Get in touch with us, Dr Máirlín O’Donnell would be happy to evaluate your case.

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